Rocky Mountain National Park Bike Tours Estes Park Colorado

Frequently Asked Questions

How cold is it where we start on Trail Ridge Road?

As a general rule, there is a three degree loss for every one thousand feet of elevation gain.  Our departure point in Estes Park is at 7000' and our starting point  on Trail Ridge Road is just over 12,000'.  3 degrees x 5 thousand foot gain = 15 degrees colder!  In addition, if the wind is blowing it could make the temperature even colder.

Bringing extra clothing, hats and gloves is recommended. As the temperature warms with elevation drop, you can put your extra layers in the van.

Where do we meet?

At the New Venture Cycling building which is BEHIND the Estes Park Mountain Shop. See map on Contact page.

Where can I park?

Parking is available at the Estes Park Mountain Shop and also on the east side of the parking lot that is near our headquarters.  Guides will be on site to answer questions and direct you as needed. 

What happens after I arrive for my tour?

Guides will greet you, ask you to sign a waiver and fit you for a helmet. Once that is complete, a guide will fit you for a bike and briefly go over how the gears and brakes are operated.  Please show up on time for your tour as a courtesy to other guests.

Can I bring my own bike?

Sorry, but no.

Can I bring my own helmet?

Yes!  Please note that you are using your own helmet on the signed waiver.

Will we see wildlife?

Most likely, yes!  There always is a very good chance of seeing elk, marmots, and big horn sheep.  Do bring your camera!

What kind of bikes are they?

We use steel framed Giants for the most of our tours, and we also have some comfort bikes for The Circle Tour.

Should I tip my tour guides?

Most guides in the outdoor industry greatly appreciate tips. In the United States, it is common to tip outdoor tour guides in the 10-20% range. Our drivers and guides will share any tips received. If you feel your tour experience was positive, then tips are accepted and appreciated.

Is booking my tour in advance a good idea?

Yes!  Calling 970-231-2736 to reserve or using our online reservation page is always a good idea.

You can try to walk up and get on a tour, but it could be that the tour is full or there is no tour going out. If we don't have any reservations for the next day by 6pm, there may not be a guide scheduled.

Therefore, reservations in advance are strongly recommended

Will the van follow us on our tour?

Yes, the van will follow and sometimes precede the tour, stopping at most of the major tour stops and allowing you to keep extra clothing or personal items in the van.  You are welcome at any point during the tour to ride in the van for the remainder of the tour.

Do you offer any tours off-road?

Most of our tours are on paved roads or bike paths, with the exception of Old Fall River Road, which is briefly available in June and is an unpaved road. There are no single-track mountain bike trails in Rocky Mountain National Park. 

Do you rent bikes?

No, we don't rent bikes, we just provide bikes for riders on our tours. Estes Park Mountain Shop has a retail bike shop and bicycle rentals. Via Bicycle Cafe rents high-end road bikes.